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Temple Bar Marina, Lake Mead, and Mohave County are open for business, and it’s incumbent upon all of us to keep it that way.


Climate, spectacular scenery and miles of open water attract people to Lake Mead, a recreational magnet that is unmatched in the desert Southwest. Temple Bar and other marinas that serve tourists and residents alike provide jobs, bring revenue to the region, and are an important part of the state’s economic engine. The Colorado River water that drives my business also fuels 60 percent of all economic output in Arizona.

 Fortunately, (June 13) in Kingman, members of the Arizona Legislature and community members came together to shape Arizona’s water future. One key item on the agenda was Arizona’s role in the Drought Contingency Plan that is designed to keep water flowing into Lake Mead and throughout Arizona over the long term.

Business owners here are committed to Arizona – we want to invest, add jobs, and grow the economy, however, we need certainty around long-term water supply in order to make decisions to expand our businesses.

We appreciate Rep. Rusty Bowers’ commitment to reach out across Arizona to listen to businesses and community members to determine what policies are needed to ensure that Colorado River water supports resilient communities, economic growth, and best-in-class water recreation. It’s essential that we get this right.

Despite years of drought, Lake Mead is fully operational and remains open for business. But decreasing water levels have come with a cost – relocating marinas and dock facilities and advertising to let the world know Lake Mead remains a world-class destination.

While Mother Nature holds many of the cards, we all have to do our part. Solutions like the Drought Contingency Plan are important steps to ensure our economy keeps delivering and that Lake Mead continues to provide recreation and refreshment to those of us fortunate to live in or visit our region.

Rod Taylor is vice president of Forever Resorts, a company contracted by the National Park Service to operate marinas, harbors, tours and RV villages in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Forever Resorts is a member of Business for Water Stewardship, a program working to advance water solutions that meet the combined needs of business, rivers, and communities.

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